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Pressford safety services have been trained on the installation of latchway products

Latchway Safetyline systems: Latchways systems can be fitted to new buildings and structures or retrofitted to existing ones, and are suitable for applications as diverse as bridges, towers, office blocks, manufacturing plants, entertainment arenas and offshore platforms. Importantly, Latchways solutions are proven to be durable and reliable in virtually all climatic and environmental conditions. Latchways engineered lifeline systems provide the total solution for all horizontal safety at height industrial applications. The system’s versatility and ease of use makes it ideal for protecting workers as they go about day-today activities such as maintenance, cleaning, access and inspection. Systems can be designed for up to five simultaneous users.

Latchways Freestanding Constant Force Post: provides assured worker safety at height where there is an occasional or temporary requirement to access flat roofs or structures.

Walk Safe—Rooftop Walkway System: Walk Safe rooftop walkways provide a level non-slip surface which can serve as an ideal rooftop demarcation route—protecting users against hazards when working at height. In highly trafficked areas—where regular access may be required for maintenance regimes, plant inspection, air quality monitoring, roof light cleaning, etc.—Walk Safe distributes the load evenly on to the roof and thus reduces the wear and tear on the roofing system itself. Walk Safe offers a lightweight, practical solution which can be easily installed to replace existing wooden duckboards, scaffolding boards or snow guards.

VersiRail: VersiRail is a freestanding or fixed guardrail system offering collective fall protection and can be used for: protection against falls from height, access protection, perimeter protection, marking out walkways. VersiRail is superior to its competitors not only in its appearance, weight, ease of installation but also the quality of its engineering. VersiRail is available directly from MSA or through Latchways' registered installer network.

TowerLatch Unit: with its unique starwheel component. This provides workers with the security of being constantly attached to the system while also having both hands free to go about their duties. If a worker should fall from the system, the TowerLatch unit immediately locks onto the system cable and arrests the fall.

Safety Line Systems / Latchways:

Pressford’s Horizontal lifeline systems would be advised to be your first choice to prevent falls when high roof access is needed. Our safety lines offer you exceptional versatility. Each system is individually assembled from especially designed components and may be specified to operate vertically, horizontally, around bends or on inclines. Pressford have been trained to the highest standard to installing and testing Safetyline systems and can provide the best system to meet building needs, we can offer from design, supply, installation and commissioning of Safetyline systems.

We can supply all Personal protective equipment for your access equipment on site.

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