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Installation Of Safety Ladder & Stairways At Height

Access ladders

Pressford Safety Services can supply and install access ladders that are not only compliant with health and safety regulations but are also of the appropriate size and make to your particular building. Wherever you’re looking to have access  ladders installed, our consultation services can advise you on the best course of action to take, and offer competitive prices for long-term solutions.

Ladder Ties

In order to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 workers should use ladder ties when using ladders to work at height. Ladders should be secured at the base and ideally at the top if possible, so as to minimise the risk of the ladder falling. Pressford provide ladder ties appropriate to the building, ladder and type of work, and can offer training and advice on their use.

Fire Exit Staircases

Pressford’s services can supply external fire exit staircases for high-rise buildings throughout the South East. We perform the designing and construction of our fire escape stairs. We develop, manufacture and install stairs of escape in case of fire or emergency, our fire stairs meet with the building codes requirements regarding fire escape stairs. The fire or emergency stairs are built with materials for outdoor facilities. We develop projects to add fire escape stairs to pre-existing buildings.